General Downhole DVT (Devibe Tool)

Drilling in todays environment is always challenging for MWD tools to mitigate shock and vibration witch can be very costly to both the directional company and the operator.

The DVT is a drop-in tool that sits below your Pulser and provides up to and beyond a 65% reduction in shock/vibration/stick slip situations.

Tool Description:

– Less expensive and easier to maintain than similar tools on the market.

– No moving parts.

– Tool screws in between the Pulser and Plenum.

– Tool length face to face is 12.9” or 32.77cm which helps keeps you sensors as close as possible while allowing for protection against shock and vibration.

– Reduces shock by over 65%.

– Saves sensitive MWD electronics from premature failure.

– Temperature rated to 165 degrees C.

– When paired with our Air Ride Snubbers you have complete protection.

– Can be customized for higher temperature rating if requested.