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Servicing and manufacturing vital downhole tools used on drilling rigs globally. We help our clients by providing innovative drilling tools and exceptional drilling tool experience.

Established in 2007 as a machine shop, we focused on building and repairing innovative downhole tools. Starting with the Slide Reamer, we quickly branched out to providing various other tools such as the Regulator Variable Bypass Sub and a variety of MWD and directional drilling based tools. Each tool bringing vital components that solve common drilling issues and scenarios on a daily basis. Used in combination they provide for increase productivity, efficiency, lowering downtime, operator costs and ultimately saving our clients money.

Our exceptional drilling experience comes from years of working in the field. We know that customers need tools that are reliable and easy to use. Which is why we thoroughly test each tool before they are put into production by our clients.

Our Team

Mike Harvey, President

Dave Devlin, P. Tech, VP of Technology

Looking to get a custom tool designed and manufactured? We do that. For more information on our tools and custom development please contact our support team, click here.